Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The baptism in Jolo church of Christ on June 21, 2009

When I was in Bayugon on June 28 brother Bonifacio Buncag told me a good news that he has baptized one soul into Christ on June 21, 2009 in Jolo church of Christ with these pictures of baptism during that time. It was good to see his efforts to the Lord to serve Him faithfully despite of his situation of no support. He works in the constuction building in Puerto Princesa City to provide his family which is very short to their needs, especially his wife is sickly. He only come home in Bayugon [which he live] every sunday early morning and then go in Jolo church of Christ where he preaches. He was seeking a willing individual Christian or churches of Christ who would be able to support him even with the amount of $25 monthly, it will be a great contribution already to really be effective and productive for the Lord. He will certainly fully appreciates to anyone who want to have fellowship with him for the Gospel to Gods glory. If there is any interested brethren there in the U.S. who want to fellowship with this brother financially, please! let me know and I will put in contact him for you. Please! include him and his loving family and the family of God whom he served in this place in your prayers. God bless us! --In Christian love, Mitozyl A. Sanchez

This is the brethren in Jolo church of Christ in which brother Bonifacio [Dongdong in short] Buncag Jr. served as a gospel preacher. This photo is taken after their worship services who are almost ready to go in the sea just walking distance near in front of the church building to witness the baptism!

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