Friday, September 18, 2009

Brethren in Stockpile placed their membership in Area IV church of Christ...!

On Sept.6,2009, we at the brethren in Area IV church are gladly and warmly welcome about 7 brethren from sitio Stockpile included brother Jonathan Arias where they decided to move and placed their membership in the Area IV church and fellowship with us in our every sunday Lords services. Please! include this brethren in your prayers to keep up their attendance to served for the Lord faithfully...!

This is brother Jonathan Arias where I'll took this photo while he was preached during that time on our sunday worship services. He is a faithful gospel preacher for almost 13 years and still trying to work hard for the Lord despite of receiving limited amount of financial support from the U.S. brethren since of this laters years of his service in the Lords vineyard...!

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