Friday, December 25, 2009

Gospel Meeting @ Aramaywan church of Christ on December 22-24,2009

I had blessed opportunity to attend the gospel meeting held at Aramaywan church of Christ in southern Palawan on December 22-24, 2009 with have a driving distance approximately 200 kilometers. Brother Judson Montimor and Danilo Belviz are the preachers of this congregation. There are several preachers from different places attended on this meeting. We've meet all and the brethren therein with the gladness of our heart.

Brother Judson who hosted of this meeting stood in the pulpit to welcome us all and became MC as well.

Brother Manuel Agbisit from Puerto Princesa City[father in law of brother Dario Belviz] called to lead the singing. He is our teacher in music, in this video in our singing practice time he teach us how to sing tinor, sofrano, alto and bass. We appreciate so much for his efforts in this task. A preacher can preach through singing hymns, so we needed learn as Paul said, "Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord." (Eph.5:19) I had given opportunity first in this meeting to preach the Word. I preached entitled "The Called Out People". I emphasized the major points stated in Romans 8:28-30. Soon if Gods willing I will post this outline here.

The audience are attentively listened!!!

Brother Jonathan Sapitula
from Brookes Point delivered his very good challenging lesson in this photo entitled "Be Ready Always To Give An Answer" (1 Pet.3:15). He emphasized that we must have first a true knowledge in His Word, defense & give it to others for the Hope eternal life.

In this photo brother
Dario Belviz from Puerto Princesa preached in his two very nice lesson also about the "Type's Of Preaching Today"/Someone Has Plan For You in Luke 8:11-15. He showed well the different types of preaching today's world such us wealth, fable, philosophy, etc. & the terrible consiquences of that kind of preaching and he explained more of what character or kind of preaching ought we have. He emphasized also the kind of hearers of Gods word. That Satan has Plan A [to stay out the hearers in the kingdom], Plan B [to get the hearers drop out], Plan C [to get to fizzle out] But the Gods Plan is the Good Soil [the faithful of His Word].

The brethren are so encouraged and very much edified from the Gods Word taught by our good speakers. We are thankful very much for the brethren who served us while we are there. God will bless you all richly!!!!

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