Saturday, March 13, 2010

The death of my mother and my travel & events to Leyte on Febuary 14 to March 8, 2010...!

On Feb.14, 2010 after our sunday worship services @ Area IV church I have recieved a call by cellphone from my elder brother [Restituto Sanchez Jr.] in Leyte saying that our mother [Eufronia A. Sanchez] was brought in hospital because she was stroked by high blood pressure after her bath while she was wearing her dress to worship that time. She was admitted three days hoping she can survived but unfortunately on Feb.17, 2010 around 11 AM my brother call again to me saying our mother was passed away in this life! So I promptly to flight there connecting in Manila to Tacloban, Leyte with my niece [Roshella Neyra] then Tacloban to Ormoc by shuttle van, then Ormoc to Sitio Looc in the house where my mother's body laid. I arrived tired and sorrow for her gone. We really missed her till our second life in heaven.

On Feb.21 [Sunday] I ask my nephew [Rickryan Sanchez] to go with me to worship in the church at San Vicente, Bgy. Curva, Ormoc City where my mother is a member. They know nothing yet the death of my mother, after I introduced myself to them and told the happened they are really felt sorrow and weep. They told me the faithfulness of my mother in worship, of how much sacrifice she suffered to worship only every sunday despite of her oldness 78 years old. From house every sunday she was ride a bus going to Curva crossing with about 15 kms. then from Hi-Way corner she walked almost 4 kms. to worship. I meet brother Willy Pillino a preacher of this congregation and his co-preacher brother Boy Pitugo. During the worship services after the Bible study of brother Willy he gave me opportunity to give a sermon [the title of my sermon was "God Hath Spoken"-Heb.1:1-2] and brother Boy lead the singing. After the services we have opportunity to take a pictures.

On Feb.21- 26, brother Willy and Boy and the brethren went in the house every night to conduct funeral services. We start the service every night at 8:00 - 9:00 PM. First night, brother Boy Pitugo will be the first speaker, he explained well why the death physically come to us all and must prepare for it by serving God [Romans 6:23; Gen.2:7; I Thes.5:23;etc.]. The second night, brother Willy preached through the challenging question "If A Man Die, Shall He Live Again?" (Job.14:14). He emphasized through the light of the scriptures that a man though he were dead, yet shall he live through believing [obeying] in Jesus (John.11:25; 5:28-29; 1 Thes.4:13-14;etc). Third night, I preached entitled "What Happens After Death?" you can see this outline with this link Fourth night, brother Boy again preached about the "Gods Plan of Salvation". And the last night, brother Willy preached "The Our Hope" (Rom.8:24-25; Col.1:27; 1 Tim.1:1; Titus 1:2;etc.).

On Feb.26 is burial day of my loving mother, after brother Willy sermon and our lunched we all go to cemetery for the final destination of my mother's body in the tomb. Tearful but in other ways, deep in our hearts and minds we are glad that she was died in Christ for she may rest in her labours. We are so thankful the preachers brother Willy Pillino and Boy Pitugo who proclaim the Gods word to give us comfort and strength. And also to all the efforts of the brethren there at San Vicente church of Christ. We thankful also to our relatives who help us during the funeral services and to all the symphatizers.

On Feb. 28 me and my brother's and sister [with her daughter or my niece] in flesh and in faith get opportunity to worship first at San Vicente church of Chris before we go home in our hometown. Brother Willy Pillino gave to me the opportunity of Bible Study. I preached about "The Seven One's" in Eph.4:4-6. The sermon is given to brother Boy Pitugo. After the service we take photos for remembrance each other. Then we leave peacefully and happily.

On March 2 - 3, two days & nights of travel from Leyte to Manila by buses. We arrived in Manila 10 PM. We are so very tired and need take some rest. Me and Marlon [my older brother] standby for a few days while we are waiting the schedule of our flight going to Palawan.

On March 8, we arrived in Palawan at Puerto Princesa City Airport about 5 PM. Then we rode in trysicle to terminal then we split because he [Marlon] went to south while I went to north in Roxas and arrived in my house about 10 PM. We thank God for our safe home.

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