Friday, April 23, 2010

The wedding at Area IV on April 9, 2010...!

There are two members in Area IV church getting married on April 9, 2010 namely Ricardo Catalogo & Jezel Jabagat. Me, brother Dario Belviz and the two of my fellow preachers from south made as a principal witnesses and brother Jonathan Sapitula was the officiating minister on that wedding. We thank God the marriage was done peacefully and happilly. I posted here the photos during that time where brother Dario Belviz assigned as MC that stand along the preachers in his right side while singing "Count Your Blessings" led by brother Manuel Agbisit. , the opening prayer was given to me. Before the wedding ceremony, brother Jonathan rendered some few Gods Word to remind us all that the marriage must be"honourable in all.." (Heb.13:4). Then the signing contract marriage and the eating time. We thankful so much to all the efforts that was done of all by the parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends and preachers. This new couple married needed prayers, please! include them in our prayers for their relationship will full of Gods love, happiness and blessings all the time...!

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