Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bible Lectures at A & A Plaza Hotel on December 3 - 4, 2010

We are so very blessed and thankful to God for the Bible Lectures at A & A Plaza Hotel Puerto Princesa City conducted by our dear american brothers Ron Halbrook, Steve Wallace & Travis Pyle on December 3 -4, 2010. This Bible Lectures was attended of various pastors and pastoras from denominations and also of the local preachers in churches of Christ in different places of Palawan. I post here the photos taken that time. Everyone have heard and learned so many lessons from our Bible Lecturer bro. Ron Halbrook and Steve Wallace. The theme of brother Ron lectures is about the "Authority of Christ: Part 1 - 6" we have a printed materials of it which they provide. If you want to see this lessons just log on study it well and do the Gods will. Brother Steve lessons "The Inspiration of the Scriptures", "The Old Testament", "The Value of Pardon" etc. We appreciate so much of all the efforts of our american brethren and sound preachers in the gospel and also of our two dear brothers and preachers from visayas region Jonathan Carino and Sigualdo Jack and of course to all the Palawan preachers where the Bible Lectures is done well in the Gods will. We are so happy that we had meet each other, especially the Gods word we have learned. May the Good Lord will continue to bless us all while we served Him in His Kingdom.

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