Friday, November 9, 2012

Gospel meeting in Saraza church of Christ

Dearest brethren & friends, please, apologize me for not updating this blog in past few months. I will try to get much have time to update this blog to post our latest preaching works, news and other more things that profitable to us to give more encouragement for the Lord. I like now very well the new look and features in the blogger. Hopefully, I will post more events in the future if Gods willing. So far, I posted here the latest photos taken during our gospel meeting in Saraza church of Christ on October 29-31, 2012 in southern Palawan, part of Brookes Point Municipality. There are over 300 kilometers the distance from my hometown Roxas Municipality to Brookes Point municipality. I thankful to God for having safe and successful gospel meeting which attended with several preachers from different places. All speakers presented well their great lessons resulting with one precious soul obeyed the gospel in baptism. I remembered only his first name Mr. Rufino, please remember this our new brother in Christ in your prayers to remain faithful for the Lord. I extend my thanks to bro. Sammy Cabansa who host the meeting as well to all the brethren in Saraza for serving us there in everything. And also I thankful to all the preachers for their efforts in the gospel. May the Lord God almighty will continue to bless us all and keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace and love...!

heading to Saraza church of Christ for gospel meeting

at Saraza gospel meeting

bro. Reuben Tiburan lead our singing

bro. Emmanuel Sapitula  MC during the meeting

the audience

bro. James Baroma

bro. Charlie Sagayap

bro. Porlando

bro. Ramon Suico

bro. Mendre Danio

bro. Bonifacio Buncag

bro. Lemuel

bro. Mitozyl A. Sanchez

audience in the afternoon

heading to water for baptism


witnessing to baptism


immersion by bro. Sammy Cabansa & Emmanuel Sapitula

new man in Christ

the brethren

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