Sunday, January 13, 2013

God blessed our efforts in the gospel we have done in Bayugon church of Christ on January 6, 2013, when there are 7 precious souls obeyed the gospel in baptism. We are all happy for the Lord for this new addition to His church. We thankful the best efforts of the the preachers and brethren they made for the Lord. May God be always guide & bless us all! Amen...!
Heading to Bayugon
Bro. Yolmar Buncag the MC of the service
Bro. Manuel Agbisit lead the singing
I preached "God's Plan of Salvation"
Brother Dario Belviz taught "What It Means To Obey The Gospel
Confession of their faith
Brother Yoli Buncag doing the immersion
Welcoming the new baptized
heading to water for baptism
From left bro. Manuel Agbisit, Raymond Quebic, Dario Belviz, Mitozyl Sanchez, Rolando Villahermosa & Edward Belando

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