Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gospel Meeting in Tagpait church of Christ on Oct.14-16,2009..!

The some Palawan gospel preachers who attended the meeting. From standing right is me, brother Jonathan Sapitula[Brookes Point], Quirino Montimor[Aramaywan], Jonathan Arias[Roxas],Rolando Villahermosa[Quezon],EdwardBelando[Burirao],Eddie Favila[Espaniola],Wilfredo Stiandan[Brookes Point], Emmanuel Sapitula[Brookes], and the two who want to be baptized and sitted below is brother Sammy Cabansa[Brookes] and Judgson Montimor.

The two souls step forward to confess their faith and baptized into Christ where brother Reuben Tiburan [preacher in Tagpait church] immersed them and the brethren and preachers witness the baptism. Please! pray for this new Christians to remain faithful for the Lord..!

Several preacher preached during the meeting, here in this photos brother Wilfredo Stiandan preached about "Apostasy" [preacher in Pangobilian church, Brookes Point], brother Dario Belviz preached about "Revelation 20:1-8" [preacher in Puerto Princesa church] and I preached about "Binding The Lord Has Not Bound".

My photo on the road about 5:30 early morning while sunrise when we traveled went home. Brother Jonathan Arias took this photo..! We heartily thank you all for the efforts and also the brethren there who served us for the meeting done well. Thank you very much for all the prayers. God bless us all always..!

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