Sunday, October 4, 2009

Newly organized church in Area IV church of Christ...!

During our sunday services a while ago in the morning. Finally, the church in Area IV is completely organized as Lords will in every local churches. The photos below is the formal promise and proclamation of our new elected elders and deacons in the front of congregation. Hopefully and prayerfully they do their duties as leaders and servants of the church for more productive for the Lord. Please, continue to pray for us...! :)

They are reading after me about their promises of service in the front of congregation.

Our new elected elders name from right, Jonathan Arias, Alberto Jabagat, Leonardo Jabagat and our deacons name from left, Cesar Gundao, Eduardo Ayroso and Mentong Jabagat.

Brother Jonathan preached during our sermon class and the brethren are closely listened.

This photo of congregation is taken after our services.

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