Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gospel meeting at Puerto Princesa City church of Christ

I have blessed opportunity to attend the gospel meeting at Puerto Princesa City church of Christ hosted by brother Dario Belviz on October 25-27, 2011. I glad to meet again the preachers from various places in Palawan who attended in the meeting. We started the service about 7 PM. Brother Dario stood in the pulpit first to give thanks and welcome us. Brother Manuel Agbisit the co-preacher and father in law of brother Dario was assigned as our song leader. We have two speaker that night, first brother Emmanuel Sapitula from Babanga, Brookes Point delivered his very good lesson about "Do not be deceived" then brother Sammy Cabansa from Saraza, Brookes Point also preached the "Identity of the church".

On Oct. 26 after our breakfast and shower, the service started again about 8 AM. First speaker brother Eddie Favila from Iniaran, Espaniola preached "What is the Bible". Then I preached "Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit & Forgiveness" thru power point presentation. Then brother Quirino Montimor from Aramaywan, Narra preached "God's plan in Jesus Christ". In the afternoon, brother Eduard Belando from Burirao, Narra preached "How to treat one another", brother Reuben Tiburan from Tagpait, Aborlan preached "God will not hear" and brother Jonathan Sapitula from Locon, Brookes Point preached "Holding on to what we have". We are very thankful to the Gods word presented of all the speaker as well the brethren who served us while we are there. May the Lord continue to bless us all...!