Monday, November 14, 2011

Preaching in "The Gospel Hour" radio program at DWAR Puerto Princesa City

Posted the photos during our broadcasting on Nov. 5, 2011. We are so thankful to brother Dario Belviz and Manuel Agbisit the opportunity they given us that we can preached in their radio program "The Gospel Hour" at DWAR Puerto Princesa City every saturday 6 PM to 7 PM. Brother Jonathan Arias and I preached entitled "What Happens To Man After His Death?" but in Tagalog language. We have 30 minutes of deliberation then the left 30 minutes is for answering the questions from the hearers via cellphone texting. Many people have text their questions & wanting to know the truth thru "the gospel hour". Indeed, many people was converted to the Lord & restored the unfaithful Christians by this radio program. May the Lord will continue to bless "The Gospel Hour"..!


Fruto do EspĂ­rito said...

How glad we are part of the body, where Jesus is the rightful head.

Excellent text, I pray that all who acess your space are achieved by the grace and love of the God, which is awesome!

Glorify the Lord for his life and ministry.
I also leave the invatation to visit me.
If you like, part of the tree that is bearing fruit each day.

Stay in peace!


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Mitozyl A. Sanchez said...

Lucy thanks for your good comment and for visit my blog hope you can do it again. I visited your blogs and I like your design but I can't understand your post because it is in your language. Can you put language translator in your sidebar that I can understand your post?

Anyway, thanks again and God bless...!

Jeremy Bates said...

Nice post!

Mitozyl A. Sanchez said...

thanks Jeremy!